About Us

Art at Alnoba is part of the Lewis Family’s private collection.


About Us

Our works were collected over the years by the Lewis Family.

“When we first started to think about having sculpture open to public, we knew we wanted a very different and more open approach. We wanted art in nature and for the collection to align with Alnoba’s vision. We also hope the collection here sparks creativity and inspires new thinking by bringing together artwork from around the world.

We have learned much from this experience of creating the collection here. Throughout this expedition, we have been blessed to meet many of the artists in their homes, studios or here at Alnoba. Most are characters in the very best sense of the word and each artist has taught us something, opened our minds, or given us new perspective. We value their creativity, their wisdom and the joy they bring to their work.

We created the collection at Alnoba to be a place for everyone to approach art, be outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty and majesty.  We hope you enjoy your time here at Alnoba. We hope you have fun and also find some time to reflect, refresh and just ‘be’ in nature.”

The Lewis Family

We choose art that makes us feel something.

We choose each piece because it makes us feel something deep inside not because it is pretty. Many represent issues we have dedicated our lives to, such as environmental and social justice, human and civil rights and protecting indigenous cultures.

We want to make art less precious and less distant.

Some people can be intimated by art. We believe there is no right way or wrong way to experience art and that it is for everyone. We want folks to come to Alnoba and touch, climb, and explore the sculptures. Kids love to race over to Orly’s Genger’s Going, going, gone and run atop it, hide in its folds or jump across the waves.

We place art outside to get people in nature

Our vision is for Alnoba to be a place for people to get outdoors and in nature; disconnect from devices and reconnect with the land; and hopefully be inspired to help save the earth we share. We think the more time you spend with Mother Nature, the more likely you are to care for her.



Alnoba has been a dream and work inprogress for generations, as a simple cabin in the woods grew into this sacred place where inspiration meets action.

The Alnoba Story



We are very excited about our Art at Alnoba Docent Program. We are looking for local volunteers to guide folks through this remarkable collection.

Our volunteers receive expert training from Lesley Morgan, who has worked with us for many years to help share this wonderful collection with visitors from New England and beyond.

As a docent, you will learn more about these exceptional artists and their work, as well as stories behind why we acquired each piece.

To volunteer for our Docent Program, email us at