Beezy Bailey – The 1000 Year Dance Cure

Often Bailey’s works are accompanied by poems, such as 1000 Year Dance Cure, in which he urges the world to dance a new dance, to abandon that which does not serve us, and to embrace each other in our humanity, and the Earth in her service to us.

Shany van den Berg – Die Kop

Shany van den Berg’s artwork is deeply tied to her autobiographical experience as a woman, mother and artist. Renowned for her technical acumen, subtle symbolism and agility to depict figuration and abstraction, she utilizes layers throughout her work.

Menashe Kadishman – Horse

Throughout his long career, Kadishman has produced a wide range of sculptures, earthworks, performances and paintings informed by the long history of his country, Israel and inspired by his belief that “art grows from feelings and not rational calculations alone.”

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