Joe Gray

(KENSINGTON, NH, b. 1956)
Aloft, 2015
Maine Granite
Windswept, 2015
NH Granite

Joe Gray lives and works close to Kensington. Upon learning about Alnoba’s Art Park he reached out to us and asked if he could display his work. Joe descends from local Abenaki and many of his works feature his tribe’s ancestors and reflect their beliefs. Overall, his work often shows his love for the natural world including animals and wildlife, as well as his passion and connection to Native American art and sculpture. It seems very fitting to include this local, native work as part of the Art Park’s opening.

For over twenty-five years, Joseph Gray has been working with, and creating art out of stone. His specialties include large outdoor sculpture, abstract and realism, stone fountains, garden sculpture, interior artwork and hand-carved keystones. His passion for sculpture is evident in his attention-to-detail and deep-rooted belief that sculpture can evolve into a form that often unexpectedly “tells its own story” when completed.